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Mama Testimonials

I got extra use out of my pretty red  Amamante nursing gown by wearing it while I was pregnant. The flattering design made the most out of my cleavage while making room for my big bump, and the drape-y knit was soft against my itchy skin. 

~ Laura

I am excited about this gown because not only can you wear it for nursing, but you can wear it for maternity as well. Since I am still pregnant that is a big bonus for me! Amamante Nursing Wear has some really great items for nursing mothers. I really loved this gown and am excited to have something kind of sexy to wear to bed even with my big belly. My husband loved it and asked me why I wan't wearing it the second night. (It was chilly and I wanted to wear something warmer). I love the soft fabric and I love the way it fits. I was a little worried that I would feel all twisted up wearing it to bed, but I didn't at all. I would definately suggest this to any pregant or nursing mama.

~ Alicia

Super Comfortable. Liked so much I just ordered another in red!

~ Dee

The Amamante gown really gives me a lot of support. That is why I got it. I really did not want to wear a bra under my gown to sleep comfortably. In the first trimester, I was so uncomfortable as my breasts got bigger. This gown gives me as much support as my bra during the day. It's made out of rayon/lycra, so it's got some give. Also, the front section, is 2 layers of fabric to help give some but helps to provide support. The wide elastic band helps hold everything up. I really LOVE this gown. 

 ~ Paula     


~ Ariel

Love this product still have 4 weeks and only used it one night and plan 2 reorder!

~ Michelle

Love, love, love, this gown!!! I am buying more. Thank you so much!

~ Beth

The absolute best looking nursing gowns!

~ Jaime

Love this much I'm ordering another right now!!!

~ Erin

"I wore my maxi chachi print to bed last night.... Not only was it comfy (seriously) but this morning having my coffee I feel so Hollywood glamorous! And I love the pockets!!"

~ Resa

Love this dress! I have one in teal and one in black, they're soft, stretchy, and fashionable to wear out of the house. I love wearing it in the summer as it is very breath able. Would recommend to anyone.


I LOVE these nursing gowns!! They're super soft, stretchy, cozy and flattering. I have 3 of them and I wear them to bed, and have also worn one out and about.


I have been wearing the Signature Nursing Gown in Chocolate and I love it.  The gown is so soft and comfy, but it is very pretty and feminine at the same time.  A big plus: you don’t have to fool with clasps or flaps in the middle of the night.  The fabric is stretchy and the front easily slips aside to allow for nursing access.


This bra is the perfect solution for when you are pregnant and nursing and your cup size fluctuates! I found the bra very comfortable, I can clearly see how this would fit more than just one cup size. I sometimes have trouble finding nursing bras that fit because they usually only have the larger sizes, but this Night and Day bra fit very well.


The Comfy Curvy Nursing Bra was, in a word, perfect. It didn't rub me the wrong way, the fit was great (as I mentioned earlier) and it made feedings a breeze. Whether it was morning, naptime or overnight feedings I was able to easily nurse my girls while wearing it. The Bra is roomy enough that I can shrug one shoulder out or lift up from the bottom to nurse and not feel horrible uncomfortable or restricted.


"I bought an Amamante Black Nursing Gown...I love it. The Amamante gown has a wide elastic it gives you a great deal of support. The Amamante gown has an A-line shape so will fit a growing tummy. I Also, my husband loves the way I look in it."

~ Paula