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Nursing Bra Measuring Instructions

In addition to our nursing bras, many of our nursing gowns and pajamas are bra-sized because we offer a built it sleep bra for easy nursing access and support.  Follow the instructions below if you are unsure of your bra size.  Feel free to call us with questions at 254-728-3628.


To find your proper nursing bra size, take three measurements. This will give you the most accurate fit. You should buy a nursing bra if you are pregnant and still wearing an under wire or any time your current bra is too small. The best time to buy a nursing bra to fit after the baby is born is within the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy. If you do not have a tape measure, you can use this printable tape measure.

nursing bra size

Step 1. First, measure around your body under your armpits (A). Make sure you put your elbows at your side and relax your shoulders. Round up to the next even number. This is your band size; ie. 36, 38, etc. (A= Band Size on chart below)

nursing bra cup size

Step 2. Measure the fullness of your bust (B). Make sure sure you are not wearing a padded bra. If you are sagging, adjust the straps before you measure to get the most accurate results.

nursing bra band size

Step 3. Finally, measure around your rib cage just under your bust (C). Now subtract the rib measurement (C) from the fullness of the bust (B). The difference is your cup size. Fullest Part of the Bust(B) - Rib Size(C) = Cup Size as determined by the chart below. Call us at 800-216-8151 with any questions!

nursing bra fitting

A = Band Size

B - C = Cup Size

US Sizing Chart
1"=A6" = DD/E
1 1/2" - 2" = B7" = DDD/F
3" - 4" = C8" = G
5" = D9" = H